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BrewDog is a Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain based in Ellon, Scotland. It was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, who together own 46% of the company.

An angry customer mentioned, "Terrible food and unfriendly waiter. Welcome to BrewDog Budapest Lazy and arrogant waiters. No Hungarian menu outside of the shop. They are targeting the foreign tourists. Burger size is small. The beer was delicious but our waiter did not have a clue to suggest something."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Something is amiss at Brewdog USA. Within a few days of my initial training, it was abundantly clear that very few people within the organization were qualified for the positions to which they had been appointed. The most forgiving explanation for this is that the company is absurdly cheap and doesn’t want to pay any skilled people with experience. Case in point: this is the second largest brewery in Central Ohio, behind only Anheuser-Busch, with over 50,000 square feet. The refrigerated storage warehouse lies on the complete opposite end of the facility to the bar. However, Brewdog USA did not, at the time of this writing, own a single forklift or employ even one forklift operator. Why? Because that is a skilled position requiring a certified/licensed operator, and would screw with the bottomline (which seems to be to make as much money as cheaply as possible), regardless of impact on or safety of employees/customers. So bartenders have to drag a pallet jack clear across this gargantuan warehouse, load it with kegs, and then haul them back by hand and foot. It is preposterous. On the more sinister side of the coin, Brewdog is willfully negligent. There is plenty of evidence to support this take. In my time with the company, numerous employees consistently reported countless safety concerns. Within all areas of the organization: production, office, “retail” (bars). All went ignored. At all levels within the organization. It is unclear whether the inexperienced office and management staff are just taking marching orders from Brewdog UK and are powerless to act, or whether they just don’t give a damn as long as their own coffers are getting filled. Brewdog has been blasted for their attempts to honor women, in particular their “Pink IPA” beer, which was just re-branded Punk IPA with a girly name, color and theme. The backlash to that effort also pointed out that there weren’t enough females within the organization. I found this to be untrue. The company, at least stateside, was predominantly female, outside of the production crew. But is this because the company is forward-thinking, or because they can pay young females way less than they can men of equivalent age? Additionally, they claim to support the Living Wage Pledge, that is, to pay their employees a living wage, which numerous sources, statisticians, data scientists, etc., have proven to be around $15/hr pretty much everywhere in the country. However, Brewdog pays the standard wage to bartenders, servers and kitchen staff. They use rigged metrics to suggest these wages are living wages. If you are paying the same rate as every other place, you aren't paying a living wage. Quit lying. Despite a lot of talk about employees being “family” and turnover being “low”/”non existent”, handfuls of people were outright fired during my tenure, some with little justifiable reason, and scores of others quit because the conditions were so unsatisfactory and unacceptable, myself included. One particular firing was one of a handful of individuals within the organization who had any actual experience in their position. This individual was the only true professional present. Their dismissal signaled very bad things to come. Since my departure, I have run into a number of other individuals who either left the company due to the abysmal working conditions, or who had partners that did. It’s common for restaurant managers to have to put in long, unrewarding hours, but the GMs at Brewdog may as well live in the restaurants, stripped from their families to ensure the ship doesn’t sink. (Make no mistake, Brewdog is actually a restaurant chain, not a legitimate brewery. The on-site breweries are merely a means to an end - a loophole so the company can self-distribute its beers and avoid the US 3-tiered distribution system wherever possible.) The company spouts off about corporate buyouts and breweries “selling out”, but last year sold a 22% stake in the company for ~$230M to the owner of Pabst. There is simply nothing “punk” about this organization. They do love to use that as an excuse for their terrible business practices though, like cobbling passingly safe structures together at the last minute, letting customers into live construction sites to turn a profit on an unfinished product. In 2018, how does a business open up without being ADA compliant? Is that even legal? I’m not sure, but Brewdog isn’t. Not at any of its locations, as far as I can tell. They love to brag about their rooftop at their Franklinton, Columbus location. Unfortunately no one with a physical disability will ever be able to enjoy it. See, Brewdog was unwilling to spend the money required to outfit the building properly, something other, smaller breweries in the region have done and continue to do. Long story short, when you get a deep inside look at this organization, something is clearly off, and you get the unnerving sense that it’s a sham, a scam, and a fraud. Their mission, repeated ad nauseum, is to “make people as passionate about craft beer as (they) are”. It is evident that the only thing they are more passionate about is money."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management can not manage anything. The complete start up crew has been let go in order to save the upper management positions. The brew hall is a mess, and can barely produce one brew a day. The can line is not finished and support has been denied because they wont pay them, and this place is sinking fast. Run because you have been warned!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"cult behaviour, sexism, bad managment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not sure where to start. They know how to hook you in and make you think you're working for a great place with great people but once you remove your rose tinted glasses you see it for what it really is. A shambles of a company with bullying and micromanaging. Listen to these reviews, ignore the 5 star reviews written by the HR department on shift - read HRs responses "contact us, we want to solve these issues" it's a facade. We complained and brought up bullying, low salary pay, work life balance numerous times and they gaslight and twist your complaints until you're leaving their meetings feeling like utter rubbish. Truly this is a cult and it's scary to be working on the inside. Please PLEASE read this review and dont even think about applying here, you can do SO much better and you'll keep your mental health intact (another thing HR dont want to hear about - if you bring up your mental health you'll practically get eye rolled out the door). But if you want to work in a toxic environment where the chances of bumping into someone crying their eyes out (because of the company) in the toilet is 50/50 then go ahead, this is the company for you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Hi there, Really sorry to hear that you don't enjoy working at BrewDog especially as you say you have been with us for 3-4 years. I would actively encourage you to make contact with me or anyone in the people team so that we can talk about your concerns and address what is causing you frustration, so hopefully we can ensure that you do enjoy coming to work Karen People Director"

Former Employee - Packaging says

"Long hours for low pay, literally the worst place I've ever had the misfortune to work. You initially get suckered in by all the graffiti and free beer and they try and brainwash you into thinking it's a "punk" atmosphere and that working for Brewdog is so cool, but once the novelty wears off you take a step back and realise it's more like a sweat shop. Staff are worked to death for little pay with no hope of a pay rise or any appreciation for going above and beyond and any concerns you have are just ignored completely. Certain members of management are great and probably understand but seem to have their hands tied. High staff turnover and massive overuse of agency temps, half of which just show up to steal as much beer as they can. James and Martin seem oblivious to what's really going on, more concerned about brewdog flights and putting wigs on for childish videos."

Former Employee - Server/Bartender says

"If you feel like you have any transferable skill or advice to improve the general running of the bar...keep it to yourself. Brewdog will change for no man, better or worse. They favour a team member who will, above all else, adore the brand. They prefer to keep an understaffed team to make profits rise for themselves while ignoring the morale of the staff and satisfaction of the customers. But don't forget, this corporate giant is punk af, a brand you should be proud of."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Nobody worked their long. Constant turnover and good luck getting your last check."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture of fear permeates every corner of the business - people are sacked for no reason and with no notice. Gaslighting, manipulation and bullying are rife and come from the very top. Micro management by the owners starves the business and its talent of creative oxygen. Base pay and employment terms and conditions are pitiful and not competitive. This is covered up with staff benefits that get good PR (puppy leave, free beer, discount in bars etc.) There is no structure to pay progression and most of the time you are told there is a pay and recruitment freeze however you watch as they burn money on vanity projects (e.g. tv network, airline, damaging marketing campaigns). There is no professional development. Performance reviews, objectives, targets, employee check ups are hit or miss depending on what department you are in. This is not a place to build a career. Don't dare speak up, raise legitimate issues, act professionally or try to use data and facts to solve problems - this is a one way ticket to your P45. Turnover of staff is wild but in particular at a senior level. I had 6 line managers in 2 years. This means you are permanently having to prove yourself to a new manager, never getting consistent leadership and changing your work priorities to suit the next new manager's agenda. People who say it is a fast paced environment must be mediocre at their work. It is so slow and full of bureaucracy it's painful. It takes months to get invoices paid or anything approved."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"No Support.. Really BAAAD communication, no staff ( not allowed to hire) No bonuses.. no life/work balance, no thank you, working 20 hours shifts,"

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company full of lies and deceit. As someone who worked there from the beginning I can assure you that you will not be compensated for your hard work accordingly. There were times that my paychecks were messed up for weeks. The management team lies to the staff constantly and HR keeps one of the GM’s employed even after he physically abuses and verbally abuses his employees. Do not waste your time at this job.NoneEverything"

Production Operative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible horrible place to work. The charge hands essentially do nothing and watch you work and if the bosses don't like you then they will find anyway to ensure your job is not safe. They may act all nice and friendly as if it's a nice place to work but it's all false. Unless you brown nose the bosses and have them like you then your job will never be safe and they will essentially bully you.Leaving the placeThe place."

Junior Packaging Operator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day involves working start to finish while operators sit and watch. I learned you need to be friends with higher management in order to get any where. Management are useless. Fear culture, no ones job is safe. The hardest part of the job is keeping your job if management do not like you. The most enjoyable part of the job was leavingFree gymEverything"

Barman (Former Employee) says

"Money hungry people who only care about one thing! Job is slave labour! You are treated like a number and not a person & your opinion is constantly dismissed. Honestly the worst job I have ever had!NoneSee above"

Packaging minion (Current Employee) says

"Want a job where you're completely unappreciated with condescending managers and absolutely no chance of promotion unless your face fits? Then Brewdog is for you. No clue what they're doing, management spends 1 third of the year absent, 1 third on holiday, and 1 third hiding in the office. The laziest staff are promoted to operators for having irrelevant degrees rather than actual job competence while those who have earned it are left behind. If you are fortunate enough to be a smoker you will be treated to an extra 10 minute break every hour while someone else works two jobs to cover you. Meanwhile the rest of the staff have their allotted breaks timed to the second in order to increase efficiency.MinimalNo career progression. Poor, dishonest management. Poor work/home life balance"

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"You’re just a number here. If management doesn’t like you they will find a way to get rid of you. Also don’t think about cutting hours back, they will fire you for that too. Worst place I’ve ever worked and $10 an hour doesn’t pay the bills. Full of empty promises and a bag of lies."

Bartender and Chef (Former Employee) says

"Manchester was a horrible place to work, however i covered 1 shift in nottingham and that bar was far more pleasant, its just manchester general manager and area manager who make it hardfree beer after shift, pretty decent bonusterrible general manager and area manager"

Duty Manager/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"My typical day at work is very hectic as my duties are many and different. I usually work during afternoon/night shifts, therefore, days can be very long. During this time I have been improving my knowledge of craft beers by studying and tastings; I manage to pass the Cicerone exams which take you through beer history, styles, and traditions and now I am attempting to get to next level. I like working in this environment but I finish too late at night and I have to perform heavy lift every day, also I would rather work in a more artistic environment."

Supply Chain & Finance Assistant (Current Employee) says

"There is a repeating theme at Brewdog of positions here being represented with a certain company culture, benefits, and specific expectations of the job, when really those certainly are not the case. This seems to be exclusively true for the Brewdog US company employees, not restaurant and bar staff (and I cannot speak for the UK/Europe). If you are considering a job here, think about what will actually be expected of you, as generally what is told during interviews is not the actual truth. This is probably due largely to poor management, which is generally unable to define clear job roles, or stick to the original job descriptions."

Packaging (Current Employee) says

"The packaging department is cut off from the main offices and all the management sit in another site with little to no interaction with the department. This has led to them becoming out of touch with what is going on in the department and what the teams are actually doing. Also the wages for many roles are less than other similar companies and the pressure placed on staff is horrendous. People in the same role receive different pay and this is damaging to morale. The 'perks' are very specific to either single people, people who work in the office or people who live in the city. It seems that family life is secondary and is often sacrificed to accommodate the companies demands. Please don't go by the brilliant public image they have. It is not a great place to work and they have become what they claimed they never would. 'A corporate giant' who places sales and orders over staff and quality.Free beer, some great staff partiesChanging job roles/conditions with no consultation, unrealistic demands and poor wages."

Junior packaging (Current Employee) says

"Very poor management (still) as said in other reviews. They now operate machines under staffed and also not in safe working order. The people turn around in packaging is so vast no one is trained to a good level only a select few make it that far.Unicorn fundTwo 30 min tea breaks in a 12 hour shift"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Strange place,ignorant,frustrated and shady management who treat you like a child even if you have worked before or have experience already.You will work in a freezer ,picking and making orders mostly of them beeing kegs of beer 60-70 kg,working on PPTs if they lose one hour to "train you" otherwise you will walk for the whole shift.I worked in even worst places but never seen such patetic and arrogant management like in here.Never had any complains anywhere i worked before,but they will find the tiniest thing so they can pin that on you. They enjoy feeding from treating people like c.r.a.p. and after a few weeks of meaningless assingments given with the only purpose to get rid of you quickly so they can go back in the office and reflect on how to get you later,you will realise that yet again you stepped in another huge t.u.r.d of a job.No one will give you a proper training just something to save face if something goes wrong only so that they can be covered. If you're actually a hard worker,have some respect for yourself don't even think of coming here,you will regret it.Or if you don't have any other choice available just don't stay longer then a few weeks,your brain will turn to mush and you will be stuck in another braindead job with no sense of accomplishment or happines."

Sales person - On Trade (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced and in dog years so life moves FAST General culture of people is amazing - full of great, energetic & creative people with a love for beer who want to make a differenceamazing beersruthless culture"

Redacted (Former Employee) says

"Working at BrewDog can be fun. It has a good culture and if you are into craft beer you will probably love working there. The cons are that the management will never listen to you in any way - although they will pretend to. There is also very little scope for progression within the company so no point in getting in at the bottom of the ladder unless you want to stay there.Free beer.Dictatorship."

Waiter/Bar Staff (Former Employee) says

"Everyone working at Brew Dog was very dedicated to their job. If you're working part-time, this can be a bit overwhelming. I was never taught any of their Beer products and I often had to ask customers three or four times what they want as the names are so long and complicated. None of the staff took me seriously, which is why they kept blaming me for things that even turned out not to have happened. They behaved as if they own the placeFree Beer after shift, good salarydisorganised system, too many apps and chats I couldn't keep track with"

Andrew says

"I ordered approx £85 worth of beer expecting for Brewdog to be able to despatch the order within 3 days (which their website is specifically stating). The delivery arrived 6 days after order (which was ok), however most of the order was missing (about 20% of it was delivered). There is no way to raise a query with Brewdog other than their online ticketing system - And Brewdog don't respond! I have been told that 'my order should be delievred in the next day or so' - that was 4 days ago. No phone number, no interest in Customer Service, one of the worst companies I have dealt with in a while. Obviously monies have been taken, and no product or service provided. Happy for somebody from Brewdog to contact me to provide me with an update, as I'm getting nothing from your current process."

Mike says

"Thought I'd post here as nothing seems to work when you try dealing with Brewdog direct as per other reviews I've read here. I ordered over £100 worth of beers (2x48can packs) near the end of November. Items arrived early December later than the expected delivery time and half (24 cans) of 1 complete 48 can pack was missing from one of the boxes. Having then raised an issue with Brewdog on 16/12/2020 and advised a few days later from a generic response that they are busy and someone will contact me within 3 days. I thought fair enough it's Christmas I'll be patient. However, it is now 17/01/2021 and I've had no response. I've emailed hello@brewdog and onlineshop@brewdog again today to try to sort this as it's beyond a joke. Also received more generic responses from equitypunks@brewdog this time with an estimated 24hour response time. not holding my breath for that. Fingers crossed one day in 2021 I'll manage to make contact with someone who can help. Until then I'll order my beers elsewhere. I've had high hopes for Brewdog as started using them a few times and ordering normally £100 worth each time every month or so. Disappointed is an understatement. I understand issues occur in warehouse distribution, but come on. This has to be the slowest Customer service I've had the pleasure of trying to deal with so far."

Damian Gannon says

"I was attracted by Brewdogs recent free beer social media campaign and so queued to get on the web site, signed up to an account in order to qualify for the offer. I then looked on the site for the beer and went to the checkout. I entered my card details and then checked my bank to see i had been charged £11.95 rather than£1.95. I initially asked for my order to be cancelled but your customer service team took so long to reply my order was delivered. I then asked for a refund of £10 to make good on the offer. No reply! Your social media campaign has certainly influenced me. I now regard brewdog as incompetent rip off merchants! Well done!"

Gary Smith says

"**************Posted this review {below} back in November 2020************ Bought shares in Brewdog, what a mistake! Bought shares (200) in Brewdog back in the 2019 fund raise which ended in April 2020. Was promised a number of rewards but nothing arrived. Contacted customer Services at the end of August 2020 to be told they had no record of me purchasing shares and there was a problem with the database! . I had to provide proof of purchase before the problem was sorted and I was then promised rewards at end of October.... nothing.......Promised rewards mid November..... nothing...... now they have stated the start of December which I very much doubt seeing the amount of poor reviews. I have asked to make a formal complaint but so far this has been ignored. Shocking performance from a Company that talks about ethics, totally disgusted and regretting ever dealing with this company ******* Update 14/01/2021 ********* Still no sign of any perks and no explanation of why they have not been delivered. I have asked on several occasions for a complaints procedure to be activated, this has been ignored and I am continually fobbed off by Customer Services. Absolute disgrace of a Company !!. I am hoping that by reposting my original review that I may get some satisfaction."

Patrick Oliver says

"So much for getting a direct email reply yesterday???? Still awaiting a reply from you, after you have twice said that you will send me a link to correspond with you???? I will be taking this further, if don’t sort this out soon."

DH says

"I tried to order beer from BrewDog last night, but couldn’t even get on the website! I received a message saying that I was in a queue and in about 30 minutes I could then access the website in order to buy beer. Now I am a Brewdog shareholder, and would rather buy their beer, but the idea of not having a website which has enough capacity to let me order when I want to is both laughable and concerning. My last experience of ordering from BrewDog before Christmas was also disappointing - it took two weeks for the beer to arrive, during which time I did email customer services, who weren’t of any real help. The upshot - I ordered £90 of beer from Northern Monk and £50 of beer from Fullers - both of which were processed straight away."

steve mackinder says

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